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Coaching for lawyers | Florit Brooke Legal Recruitment

We’re frequently a ‘sounding board’ for the career choices a lawyer might want to make. As consultants, this is a role we pride ourselves on, and we give our advice freely and impartially. However, we can also offer you professionally qualified coaches, who specialise in all work-related issues – not just career direction.

Florit Brooke’s coaches are independent, self-employed professionals who partner with us to offer you a unique, tailored service. Your dealings with them remain totally confidential. We simply bring the two of you together and then leave you to collaborate on any work, career development or recruitment challenges you may have, including:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Achieving your career goals
  • Work-life balance
  • Post-parental leave coaching
  • Career direction and choices
  • Preparing for promotions
  • Interview coaching

Our coaches offer a free 1 hour consultation in order to help you. What you decide from there depends entirely on you, and what you feel you need.

Free one hour consultation

For more information, call Miguel Florit on 0113 457 0045 or review our Coaches’ team profiles.